See what happens when we put our thinking caps on and start pedalling…


The Wind Dial - remixing Winderful

Green Alliance

Renewable Energy Locator


A series of moving snapshots helping audiences relate and connect.


Visualising Europe's Digital Entrepreneur friendliness.


Creating a nation of Digital Makers

Metro International

Metro Photo Challenge 2015:
An online photography competition for a mobile first world

Sheffield Doc/Fest

A future-facing video player


Visualising the UK's wind energy in real time

Foundation for Appreciative Inquiry

AI Studio:
Enabling change at scale

Think Publishing / AAT

What is the value of goodwill?

Historic Futures

Shining a light on supply chains

Anthony Nolan

Using data to recruit heroes.

Sheffield Doc/Fest

Streamlining the Sheffield Doc/Fest user experience

Anthony Nolan

Creating a place to celebrate 40 years of lifesaving.


Keeping connections protected


How can nine billion people live well
within Earth’s natural boundaries?

Metro International

DIAS_ picks up the world's largest free paper

Anthony Nolan

Helping with one of the world's largest
blood cancer charities

Metro International

Re-imaging the world's largest
photo competition.